About the MMSc in Immunology Program



The mission of the HMS Master of Medical Sciences in Immunology (MMSc IMM) is to provide a solid, instructional and research-based foundation in both Basic and Clinical Immunology. Courses will start with the fundamentals and rapidly progress to cutting-edge knowledge, all taught by world-renowned faculty members in the Program in Immunology at Harvard. This program will serve the needs both of students with a strong undergraduate biology background with an interest in medicine and seeking deeper knowledge of Immunology, as well as of academic physicians from a range of specialties who seek an in-depth knowledge of Immunology in order to further their professional goals and research expertise.



The HMS MMSc Imm is a two-year program with two primary goals: 


  1. To give students a solid foundation in Basic and Clinical Immunology in order to better understand how a new revolution is currently occurring in the treatment of numerous diseases and conditions including immunodeficiencies, allergies, chronic inflammatory diseases, transplantation and cancer.
  2. To provide students with comprehensive tools and protected time to engage in mentored research on important issues in either Basic or Clinical Immunology depending on their inclinations. This will entail working with leading Harvard faculty and will culminate in a Master's thesis.




The HMS MMSc Imm is open to individuals with a Bachelor's degree with a strong background in biology and an interest in Immunology or biomedical research, as well as to individuals who already possess a medical degree, such as an MD or an MBBS, or to individuals who have a degree in a health professions-related field.



Please see the 2017-2018 Master’s Student Cost of Attendance Budgets.


For questions regarding Financial Aid, please see the Master's Students Financial Aid FAQ page. Additional information can be found in the Financial Aid Guidebook for Master's Students.




Students must earn 64 credits, generally meeting the requirements with 32 credits of course work and 32 credits of mentored research.




   Year One:


    • Molecular and Cellular Immunology at Harvard College
    • Principles of Immunology at Harvard Medical School
    • Advanced Principles of Immunology at Harvard Medical School
    • Methods in Basic and Clinical Immunology at Harvard Medical School (for MMSc Imm students only)
    • Longitudinal Seminar (for MMSc Imm student only)
    • Elective(s) (4 credits)


The foundational research work will begin in the spring semester of the first year and continue until completion.


   Year Two:

   Students will primarily be devoted to:


    • Completing their mentored research
    • Analyzing their data
    • Writing their results and defending their thesis


For all students, the mentored research experience will comprise 32 credits.





Applicants must submit the following:

  1. Letter of intent (no more than three pages in length, describing their interest in the program and their qualifications)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Three letters of recommendation (sent directly from recommenders via email to MMSc_Imm@hms.harvard.edu)
  4. Official transcript(s)
  5. GRE or MCAT score (for applicants who do not have a doctoral degree). Use code 3812 to send your official GRE scores directly to the program.
  6. TOEFL score (for applicants for whom English was not the medium of instruction for their bachelor's degree) Use code 6284 to send your official scores directly to the program.


For more information, contact the Program Manager at MMSc_Imm@hms.harvard.edu.




The application for Fall 2018 will be posted in November 2017.



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